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S. have an agreement towards transparency of the shared border

affront (uhf RUHNT) vt. step 1. in order to publicly otherwise intentionally insult; offend; slight; 2. to help you face during the an effective defiant trends -n. an unbarred otherwise deliberate insult • Cannot affront Bill’s mom from the advising this lady brand new chicken she prepared tasted such as the grab-out chicken’s container. • After you tell your parents you can easily do anything you want regardless of regarding whatever they believe, your affront them. • Debbie’s maybe not inviting Sally in order to the woman birthday party is a deliberate affront. [-ed, -ing] [Syn. offend]

Small Opinion #4 Fulfill the term regarding column dos on word out-of column step 1 meaning very nearly the same

agenda* (uh JEN duh) n. a listing of what things to be done; particularly, an application away from what things to be performed during the a conference • Jason desired to calm down and get pupils, however, his brother Dylan had a totally more agenda. • “Dated Business” is the next thing with the agenda towards the conference, once brand new learning of the moments from the last fulfilling. agile (An effective juhl) adj. step one. capable circulate easily and quickly; deft and you will productive off muscles otherwise head; 2. eager and alive (of mind) • Brand new ballerina displayed exactly how agile she is as she with ease danced and frolicked regarding phase. • New comedian is actually agile off notice when he went from 1 quip effortlessly to the next. [agilely adv., speed letter.]

agrarian (uhg RAR ee uhn) adj. step 1. relating to end in standard; 2. per farms, farmers, and agriculture • The new agrarian regulations of your later twentieth century encountered the authorities investing growers to not expand particular vegetation. • Agrarian schools train producers in the harvest rotation as well as how alternating particular vegetation replenishes ground diet.

S. • Once you ask an excellent pal’s former spouse getting a romantic date, you’re likely to alienate one friend

arrangement (uh GREE mnt) n. 1. being in balance otherwise agreement; dos. an understanding anywhere between one or two activities; step three. a contract • Tania and you can Ali stumbled on a binding agreement into the who’d offer what into the Cinco de Mayo group. • Canada and also the U. • Calling a strike create violate brand new union’s arrangement for the automaker. issue (AYL mnt) n. disease; illness; any mental otherwise bodily disorder, particularly a mild however, persistent you to definitely • Marley moved that have a beneficial limp down seriously to a fight which have rickets, a problem that had influenced him given that a puppy. • Delusions out of brilliance makes reference to an issue that afflicts of numerous teenaged guys. alacrity (uh LAK ri tee) letter. eager readiness otherwise willingness, always demonstrated because of the quick and you may lively action • Consuela consumed the lady dinner having alacrity, eager to hop out to go to the film movie theater. • Willis wagged their tail rapidly showing their alacrity to choose a stroll as he heard Jim taking his leash. alchemy (AL ku mee) letter. step one. a young mixture of secret, chemistry, and viewpoints on Baltimore MD local hookup Middle ages, an element of the purposes of that have been to turn foot precious metals for the gold also to discover the elixir getting endless youngsters; 2. something otherwise strength to possess flipping something toward a better procedure since if by miracle function • Four-year-old Francesco is actually confident that their daddy you will definitely practice alchemy so you can transform his pennies on household. • Anyone who believes one to a cottage standing on a quarter acre from land will likely be turned a residence thinks throughout the theories from alchemy. [alchemical adj., alchemically adv., alchemist letter.]

alienate (AY lee durante ayt) vt. step one. to help you import residential property ownership to some other; dos. so you’re able to estrange; make unfriendly; 3. result in are isolated otherwise withdrawn; 4. result in a significant difference from affection • One to market an item of assets to a different will be to alienate it is a seldom utilized concept of the word in the newest You. Query a pal’s current boyfriend having a date and you’re certain to alienate this lady. • Snatching a good dog’s restaurants out of their lips is likely to alienate the dog-particularly when it is far from their pet. • Sally informed Suzie tales regarding the Cheryl’s previous negotiations along with her household members which were sure to alienate Suzie away from Cheryl and, she expected, acquire Suzie’s friendship having by herself. [-d, alienation n.]

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