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We offer you the top dentist in the Thousand Oaks region for all of your dental needs, including dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and family dentistry.
Since 1995, Dr. Boris Grigorovich has been serving his patients as a dentist by helping them regain control of their dental health. Boris Grigorovich DDS Dental Care focuses on giving its dental patients a comprehensive range of dental services. You’ll get services from the best dentist in Thousand Oaks if you are seeking family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and much more.

The top dentist the Thousand Oaks area

As the top dentist the Thousand Oaks area, Dr. Boris Grigorovich’s philosophy of care is reflected in the individualized plans created for his clients and his dentist office’s advanced treatment opportunities. While personalization is key to achieving the best dental health possible, every patient is given a compassionate experience and a dedicated level of attention to feel like a member of the family. The staff at Boris Grigorovich DDS Dental Care is kind, considerate, and sympathetic. We are sure you’ll love our friendly, relaxing, and supportive dentist office environment in Thousand Oaks.

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Boris Grigorovich DDS Dental Care also offers several specialties in Thousand Oaks so that you’ll receive the level of comprehensive care that you need. 

We use the most advanced technology, provide you with the top dentist, and dental offer advancements so that everybody, including adults and children, receive the best care. Our goal as an office is to go above and beyond our patients’ expectations so that everybody we treat can discover the smiles of their dreams.  

When you meet with Dr. Grigorovich, the top dentist in Thousand Oaks, you’ll realize that he is sensitive to his patients’ needs and focuses on patient comfort and care when creating a personalized dental plan.

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